June 29, 2004 10:02 PM
I have spent much time figuring out what the first few words that people read at my site should be. I finally concluded the best choice is "Greetings!" after going through obvious ones like "Welcome to my personal website", "Are you sure you are at the right website? You could be lost and not know it, you know?" and "Where Things Go Plop!"

Really, I spent so much time on this that for a few days this was on top of the index page.

//Begin idiotic algorithm 0.1:
1. Start.
2. If You have already read this algorithm, OR
   If Not in mood for stupid algorithms, 
   Stop reading this algorithm. Really. Stop, I tell you!
3. Briefly glance over contents of page.
4. If Page looks interesting, go to step 6.
5. Else Navigate to http://www.loser.com.
6. Start reading from Random Quote onward keeping in mind that the 
   author isn't responsible for any amount of insane keyboard
   thrashing you might wish to perform after reading the contents of 
   this site.
7. Stop.

Yes, yes, I know its too Knuth like. But I really do get a kick out of reading his book, The Art of Computer Programming. It is undoubtedly a classic.

Tried to tweak the most out of my modem while using KPPP. Configuring the initialization string in Modem Commands to the string specified in the windows inf file that comes with the modem really helps. If you are curious, here's the Hayes command:


I have tweaked it to suit my ISP.


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