June 6, 2004 10:35 AM
I have to admit, the first time I visited aloof, I laughed a lot. Surely, this is the first professional website that interfaces humor with free web hosting. The bandwidth and space they offer is unmatched compared to any other host. The only down point was no CGI scripting. Hey, with 250 MB web space and large bandwidth, who's complaining? Even their forums are a riot.

Being familiar with ftp1 and elisp, automating publishing to the aloof ftp server by integrating it into the blog module I wrote for emacs-wiki was a cinch. Sad that there seems to be no equivalent for the newer [local-file-name] for a put in ftp. My work around involves using the tar -N .publish-stamp to transfer all new files to a temporary directory and then

cat ftpcommands | ftp -nv 

where ftpcommands is a file containing commands for ftp such as open, mput, user, etc. But, the million dollar question is, "Is this the most elegant way of scripting a ftp transfer?"

Here's the elisp code I came up with:

(defun ani-publish-to-temp ()
 "Extract new files to tmp/publish based on publish-stamp"
  (concat "cd /home/anirudh/public_html && (" 
	  "tar -N .publish-stamp --exclude='./.*' --exclude='*~'" 
	  " -cvf - *.*ml *.css blog/*.*ml imgs/* code/*.*ml | "
	  "(cd /home/anirudh/tmp/publish && tar -xf -)) 2> .tarlog")))

(defun ani-publish-to-ftp ()
 "Publish from tmp/publish to ftp server"
  (concat "touch .publish-stamp;"
          "cat ~/scripts/ftpcommands | ftp -nv &")))

.publish-stamp is a 0 byte file created with the touch command. The functions above are called automatically after emacs-wiki-publish is called by re-defining the key assignment to C-c C-p. Below are the contents of the file ftpcommands:

open ftp.aloofhosting.com 21
user xxxx xxxx
lcd /home/anirudh/tmp/publish
mput *

The above file and code has been rather simplified to illustrate my point.


[1] /usr/bin/ftp utility in Linux. It originally appeared in 4.2BSD.

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