June 11, 2004 3:58 PM
Surprisingly, the old mirror http://anisk.8bit.co.uk to this site has been picked up by google. Upon searching for my name in google, the first link that popped up was my first and second semester marks from our university's website. After realizing that frowning at it for a long time isn't going to make it disappear, I looked at the second item which was the link to my old site.

Portland was my first choice for a free web host since they did offer everything for free. No banners, popups, text ads and on top of all that at the time I signed up, they even offered php and perl. That didn't last too long. Currently, they only offer escapade which is sigh, another scripting language. Their FTP server is slow and at times the server goes down without warning for an unspecified amount of time. Well, my second choice was aloof and their service (which they call barely acceptable service) is good.

Upon changing my URI, I used the redirect tag in emacs-wiki to issue a HTTP 1.1 status code 302 Found. Thinking whether it should be changed to a Permanent redirect to satisfy google.

I have an Intel 850MV motherboard with on board sound (AC 97 Soundmax chip). Yesterday,I installed my old Creative Labs VIBRA 128 and disabled the on board sound. The performance boost was incredible. I didn't think it would be this noticeable. The sound is much more clearer and sharper on my Red Hat 9. XP boots up and shuts down faster.


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