October 18, 2004 9:33 PM
Unicode is something that fazes a person beginning Win32 programming. Maintaining source files that can support Unicode and ASCII involves encapsulating every string in a TEXT macro1 which depends on if UNICODE is #defined or not and using the data type TCHAR which typedefs to either a wchar_t or a char. To top it off, only a few functions in Windows 98 are Unicode aware.

Low level C programming for Win32 is not simple. Dev-C++ is the lean, mean, open source IDE of my choice up to the task.

Back on Linux, I've switched over to Darcs for version control. Here's a direct quote from the manual:

Darcs has two particularly distinctive features which differ from other revision control systems: 1) each copy of the source is a fully functional branch, and 2) underlying darcs is a consistent and powerful theory of patches.


[1] Prefixes a L before the string. Eg: L"Hello World".

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