December 5, 2004 3:21 PM
The move over to has been done. It was as simple as changing emacs-wiki-online-target's content to the new url. A valuable tip to anyone planning to host anything on a NetBSD server: Remember escape characters. ssh needs a -e none switch, so does sz,rz. This will prevent you from getting "Killed" in a ssh session especially while you are piping output from tar to the ssh session to archive/extract on the fly.

Emacs-Wiki 2.64 comes with emacs-wiki-pgg.el1 along with a number of other enhancements. Writing documentation for emacs-wiki-pgg.el gave me an excuse to finally learn texinfo which is easy to pick up if you know latex.

#emacs chatter:

<lnxduk> oh god
<lnxduk> yeah, emacs is basically an operating system
<Han> nope, a virtual machine!!!!!
<lnxduk> yeah that runs on lisp
<Han> indeed
*** deemon ( has joined channel #emacs
<xerox> lnxduk, check this:
<lnxduk> did stallman write most of it?
<lnxduk> that is cool
<xerox> ah ah.
<lnxduk> they said they may have to use an external lisp

If you haven't already, read Emacs as an operating system.


[1] See GPG in Emacs-Wiki.

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