January 7, 2005 12:50 AM
Let me begin by pointing out that Perl != CGI. Perl is an interpreted language which like many other languages, can be used to execute something server-side and whip back the results through the web server to the client side using CGI.

GNU cgicc is a library that has various routines facilitating easier development of CGI programs using C++ as your base language.

My dark fascination with lisp continues and OpenLisp runs without hogging up too much resources especially for a lisp interpreter. One of the coolest things about Openlisp is that it lets you compile lisp scripts into C programs which naturally runs much faster.

lisp-p.org is an excellent site. Especially for lisp related articles.

cgi.el can be used to run elisp scripts. It's cool, but slow. A sample CGI program cooked up using cgi.el to run an elisp script: Emacs CGI

All responsible CGI programs should use lockfiles whenever resources are involved to avoid synchronization problems1.

Processing input from the user before you pass it as an argument to your program is an absolute must2 especially if you have smart friends with lots of free time.


[1] These problems conveniently occur when you least expect it.
[2] Beware the '.

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