December 5, 2007 12:11 PM
It's been a hectic year. Even though the sort of exposure I got in Procsys from the beginning itself was tremendous, it was time to move on. I've joined Adobe Systems, Bangalore as a Technical Evangelist on the Flex team. The transition from coding C++ and Java networking applications to evangelizing Flex took a lot of soul searching1; especially for the hardcore coder in me. I've come to the conclusion that this position might help me become a better coder and will also allow me to help others become better coders.

Surprisingly, porting my elisp blogging code to Windows required only minimal changes. Though the changes in the behavior of certain elisp functions have changed from emacs 19 to 22.1. My guess is that I might be one of the few people clinging on to EmacsWikiMode and not switching over to Muse.


Adobe AIR brings desktop goodness to flex applications. The user interface can be written in Flex or HTML/Ajax and it will look the same across different operating systems. AIR supports desktop drag and drop, clipboard support, painless installation, local filesystem access, local SQLite database, network access, etc.

After playing around a bit with AIR's local SQLite DB access, I realized that looking at the contents of the database or trying some queries on it is not very easy2. But since the DB API is very easy to use, I cooked up an AIR application that helps people look at the contents of their local AIR database. Just paste the filesystem path to your AIR database, click connect and presto, you can run any query on the database.


SQLView is a simple AIR application that has only (note the emphasis) the basic features to interact with an AIR database. It's like a dumbed down version of Oracle's SQL Scratchpad for AIR.

SQLView running a SELECT statement

More Screenshots:

SQLView - Table details of database.
SQLView running an SQL INSERT statement.

This application is primarily meant for the AIR developer working with local SQLite databases. It's code is not probably as neat as it should be.

SQLView for AIR Beta 2 - Download
SQLView for AIR Beta 3 - Download
SQLView Source Code - Download

CategoryAIR Comment(s)

[1] The brilliance of the flex team here in Adobe further fortified my decision.
[2] Alternatively, try googling for sqlite clients. Any other sqlite client should work, though I haven't tried them out.

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