August 29, 2008 2:40 PM
I have two cool things to announce. One is that Adobe Bangalore is running a developer summit titled mx:devsummit on 10 and 11 September. We have Ben Forta coming down and have lots of awesome sessions planned out. The other cool thing is the presence of flexbot on #flex at freenode. flexbot can be taught stuff, lookup actionscript class names, do Adobe community search, etc.


mx devsummit

mx:devsummit is a two day developer event with sessions planned out for both people starting off with Flex and for people who are flex gurus.

There are group discounts available on quoting the promo code "anirudhs"1 in the subject to a mail to with the following details in the body:

  • Name, Company and Email of each delegate
  • DD Details (for the payment)

More details like pricing is available at Raghu's blog.

See you all at the summit.

Flexbot on IRC

IRC2 bots are nothing new. Their main purpose is to track the usage / statistics of the channel and help out the participants in any way possible. We already have an experimental Newsbot helping out Adobe forum trying to gather unanswered posts and respond to them after analyzing the post. This has two implications: the links that Newsbot throws out might potentially helpful links and it will bump up the post.

There are the commands that flexbot on #flex currently supports:

  • flexbot, learn [parameter 1] is [parameter 2] - Add parameter 1 to flexbot's knowledgebase.
  • flexbot, what is [query to knowledgebase here]? - Check flexbot's knowledgebase for query.
  • flexbot, who is [query to knowledgebase here]? - Same as above.
  • flexbot, suggest [query string] - Get result for searching query string in Adobe Community Search.
  • flexbot, analyze [query string] - Filter common words from query string, analyze it for certain keywords, send that to Adobe Community Search.
  • flexbot, help - displays help
  • flexbot - same as above

The social aspect in the bot is that it can be taught stuff.

Here's a live session of flexbot in action at #flex on freenode:

<anirudhsk> flexbot, who is ely greenfield?
<flexbot> anirudhsk: flexbot has no idea who ely Greenfield is. You
can teach my typing flexbot, learn ely greenfield is whoever/whatever.

<anirudhsk> flexbot, learn ely greenfield is flex sdk architect and GOD!
<flexbot> anirudhsk: flexbot has understook that ely Greenfield is
flex sdk architect and GOD!
<anirudhsk> flexbot, what is ion?
<flexbot> anirudhsk: flexbot knows ion as adobe community search at 
<anirudhsk> flexbot, lookup HTTPStatusEvent
<flexbot> anirudhsk: flexbot knows that HTTPStatusEvent belongs to package and The application dispatches HTTPStatusEvent objects
	  when a network request returns an HTTPstatus code. Link:
<anirudhsk> flexbot, analyze I have trouble with flex itemrenderer. Also boo
	    yah. I like to be very verbose. yeah. Reaaly man. I bad at
	    spelling.							[16:15]
<flexbot> anirudhsk: flexbot thinks the following links might help you: 
<flexbot> anirudhsk: mx.controls.MenuBar (Flex 3): The item renderer used by
	  the MenuBar control for the top-level menu bar of the  ...... 3-B"
	  type="radio" groupName="one" data="3B"/> </menuitem> </menuitem>
	  |||| Link:
<flexbot> anirudhsk: Problem with tree itemRenderer - Flex India Community |
	  Google Groups: Flex India Community ... itemRenderer inside it. Menu
	  of application is populating  at runtime, ... <menuitem menuId="4"
	  parentMenuId="2" label="Menu-3b" |||| Link:
<flexbot> anirudhsk: Flex Monkey Patches  mxml: <menuitem label="MenuItem 3-B"
	  data="3B"> </menuitem> ..... Tags: datagrid, Flex,  item-renderer,
	  itemrenderer, mxml, simple Posted in: Flex |||| Link:
<flexbot> anirudhsk: mx.controls.MenuBar (Flex 2 Language Reference):
	  itemRenderer, The ListItemRenderer of the selected menu
	  item. .... label="SubMenuItem  3-B" type="radio" groupName="one"
	  data="3B"/> </menuitem> </menuitem> |||| Link:
<flexbot> anirudhsk: Flex Monkey Patches  menubar: <menuitem label="MenuItem
	  3-B" data="3B"> </menuitem> .... epox on Flex linebreaks  in
	  DataGrid itemRenderer and itemEditors; epox on Flex linebreaks in
	  |||| Link:
<anirudhsk> flexbot, suggest flex automation samples			[16:14]
<flexbot> anirudhsk: flexbot thinks the following links might help you: 
<flexbot> anirudhsk: Flex 3 - About automating applications with Flex: The
	  Flex automation feature provides developers with the ability to
	  ... The following  table shows the locations of the automation
	  sample applications: |||| Link:
<flexbot> anirudhsk: Adobe - Random walk component: automation-ready sample
	  application: Random walk component: Automation-ready sample
	  application. Note: This article  was created based on Flex 2. Minor
	  changes in the description and code may be |||| Link:
<flexbot> anirudhsk: Flex 3 - About creating custom agents: Full support for
	  the Flex automation features is included in Adobe Flex ...  The
	  sample files also include an XML file that the custom agents use to
	  define |||| Link:
<flexbot> anirudhsk: Adobe - Flex Samples - Automation API sample
	  applications: Flex samples: Automation API sample
	  applications. Note: This article was created  based on Flex 2. Minor
	  changes in the description and code may be necessary |||| Link:
<flexbot> anirudhsk: Flex 3 - Creating a replaying agent: You cannot use this
	  custom agent with agents that use different environment
	  information, such as the QTP agent that is included with the Flex
	  automation |||| Link:

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[1] Yes. That's right. The promo code is my name. :)
[2] Internet Relay Chat. The beginning of group chat on the internet. It's heavily used and lots of programmers hang out there, especially on freenode.

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