September 23, 2011 2:47 PM
I'm really excited to be speaking at Adobe MAX 2011 about Flash Builder Tips and Tricks. Drop in for an in-depth look at getting the maximum out of Flash Builder. As a developer1 on the Builder team who uses Builder quite a bit2, I'm hoping that I will be able to show you useful stuff that can help you become more productive while understanding what is going on under the hood of the tool.

MAX Speaker

Of course, I also happen to sit next to and work with other brilliant engineers in the Builder team. Couple this with stalking a lot on forums and you might get what I'm hoping is a good collection of tips.

Some other great Flex and Flash Builder related sessions to check out at MAX:

  • Developing Flex Mobile Applications by Serge Jespers.
  • Flash Platform Roadmap: Flex, Flash Builder, Flash Player, AIR by Scott Castle and Andrew Shorten.
  • What's new in Flash Builder 4.5 and later by Adam Lehman.
  • How to Extend Your Mobile AIR Applications Using Native Extensions by Oliver Goldman.
  • Working with AIR Native Extensions by Brijesh Patel.
  • Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst Sitting in a Tree by Jacob Surber.

See you there!

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[1] I've worked mostly on debugging, compiler integration, Eclipse integration.
[2] Readefine is topping the Newsreaders and RSS readers category.

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