This website is a resting place for any sort of notes I make and I've found having them online handy. It is heavily developer oriented and rather short on opinion or news.


It's driven by the EmacsWiki mode of GnuEmacs and a blog module in elisp I put together. Words in mixed case (CamelCase1) like ThisOne are wikinames or hyperlinks to other pages or as the terminology dictates, other wikis. The menu on the left, RSS feeds, code archives, encrypted files etc. are all generated at publish time with the help of emacs lisp.

The first cascaded style sheet I read was from the Movable Type's personal publishing system. Several useful articles from magazines like A List Apart have come in extremely handy. CSS related issues that I've had to wrestle with have been documented.

Updates occur randomly and RSS syndication would be the best way to keep track of new entries on this site. If you use Google Reader, you may want to try out my home-grown Google Reader client.

If you use Gnus to read RSS, the following elisp snippet in your .gnus will help you syndicate with this site:

(push '("AnirudhS" ;or, TheMadNotes as Ben calls it.
	"Recent Entries")


All errors and omissions are solely mine and you are welcome to point them out by contacting me at my email address. Needless to say, most of the content on this site is copyrighted (or copylefted in the case of code released under the GPL) and shouldn't be used elsewhere without prior permission.

Your email and other personal information will never be sold or transferred for any reason.


Many thanks to GaneshSwami, friend and high school classmate whose site has been my gateway into the addictive world of Emacs lisp. The code for blog archive generation and dump of recent entries are based on his work.

Since back when I started this site, emacs-wiki-blog hadn't been released and emacs-wiki-journal was a work in progress, I put together a blog module for emacs-wiki whose end result is the blog part of this site. It would only be fair to point out that I alternately mix the meanings of "taking notes" and blogging every now and then.

GaryVaughan, MarkTriggs and SachaChua have indirectly (via their respective websites) taught me the number of amazing things you can do with Elisp some of which are used to generate the very page you are reading.

One Last Thing

Before you email me asking questions like:

What's up with the recursive footnotes, dude?

Note that you will get a reply such as:

One of the irreversible damages caused by addiction2 to Terry Pratchett's Discworld books.

minus the 2.

[1] Called so because words in CamelCase have humps.
[2] Grateful to Vijay for it. As far as addictions go, this one rules.

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