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I'll never forget the first time I stared at a computer screen and watched my cousin type what I realized later were dos commands into his PC. The very idea that upon pressing the keys with printed alphabets on them could make them appear on a screen was amazing to me. From that point, I became engrossed with computers and still am.


Currently working as a Principal Scientist for Adobe, San Francisco.

Was coding networking / web applications for Processor Systems India (Procsys), Bangalore.


I enjoy programming and simply love lisp; I program for the love of doing it and can't ever think of not hacking away at code. Lisp, C, C++, ActionScript and Java are some of the languages that I primarily use.


Adobe Edge Reflow

Reflow Logo

I'm part of the development team building a responsive web design tool written in HTML/Javascript.

Reverse Debugging with Causal Analysis

I built this on top of Flash Builder (a developer IDE for Flex and Actionscript): step backwards when debugging; list how a variable has changed over time and how control flow reached the point it has. This was demoed at Adobe MAX 2011 Sneak Peeks.

For more information, see Reverse Debugging with Causal Analysis.


Readefine beautifies RSS, plain text and HTML for easy reading. Read content in a book like multi-column layout and tweak settings like justification, column width, etc. for that perfect look.

For more information, see Beautiful Reading via Flex 4.


Deskworld screenshot

An OpenGL application in C++ featuring a 3D Desktop and File Explorer which runs on Linux/Windows. It supports process launching; manipulation of files (copy, cut, paste etc.); previewing of text, picture and sound files; weather effects etc.

For more information, see Deskworld.

Flex C++ Bridge

An open source free library that lets you communicate with Flex from C++ in a very actionscript like manner. It is a translation of Flex Ajax Bridge from javascript to C++. The following snippet should bring things to perspective:

    CASObject oRootObj;
    oRootObj.Call("getpanel1").Call("settitle", "Title from CPP"); 

For more information, see Flex C++ Bridge.


An open source free library that replaces the bean:write and bean:message tags in Struts with an AMF / XML output supporting version. Point any plain java object to it and fx:write / fx:message will output Flex friendly AMF or XML thereby making it easy to fit a Flex frontend to your Struts web application.

For more information, see FxStruts.


as3syntaxhighlight is a port of google-code-prettify to ActionScript that supports syntax highlighting of code in a variety of programming languages including MXML and AS3. It can be used for syntax highlighting as you type or for generating HTML which can be applied as htmlText to a TextField or TextArea. It also features an AS3 specific "async" mode that allows it to work in chunks without blocking the UI.

For more information, see Syntax Highlighting in AS3.


A GTK+ application in C that lets you build a private peer to peer network which lets you swap files and chat with friends of whom you can build a contact list. It runs on Linux/Windows.

For more information, see Frndnet.

sandbox violation

sandbox violation is a free Q & A site for the flex and flash programming community built in flex where users can post questions and answers and earn points based on the votes their content receives. It also features syntax highlighting of code as you type; has a companion Adobe AIR application that works offline. It has little activity now, but I still love the design of the app.

For more information, see sandboxviolation - Flex Q & A with syntax highlighting on GAE and sandboxviolation AIR App with Offline Support.

Emacs Eclipse Plugin

Open in Emacs the active file in Eclipse at the press of a button. Line and character position are preserved.

Github repo:

Scoped Navigation

A simple scoped navigation flex component (vimeo style).

Github repo:


I tend to read a lot. Online and offline. Some of my all time favorites:

Catcher in the Rye, Illusions, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Dreamcatcher, all the Harry Potters, the Discworld Series.


Finished engineering in Information Technology at CUIET (Calicut University Institute of Engineering and Technology).

Details about completed courses can be obtained from CoursePage for anyone that might care.

For details about the website, visit AboutThisWebsite.


Feel free to email me at The latex folder does not exist!

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